Medicine Wheel Natural Healing is located in Alderville First Nation at 8986 county road 45 Roseneath K0K 2X0 just off of Highway 45, near the town of Roseneath.

We are open 10am-8pm, Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays. You can call us at 905-352-3322 or email us at info@medicinewheelnaturalhealing.com.

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Medicine Wheel Natural Healing is a wholistic healing centre specializing in the provision of cannabis products. This includes an array of different cannabis flowers including sativa, indica, and many specialized hybrids. We also have different kinds of shatter, rosin, oil, distillates, gummies, tinctures, syrups, vape pens and edibles.

If you want to see what our place looks like, check out the video below with our owner Rob Stevenson providing a tour of our establishment.

Before you can become a customer and buy our products, you must first meet with one of our staff people at our “consultation counter.” You will be required to fill out a one-page form about your medical history and relationship to the cannabis plant.

All medical materials are kept in the strictest confidence. Our aim is to keep records of customers and what conditions they may have so that we can help them to meet their needs better.